Heartfelt Business Websites

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Heartfelt Businesses are small businesses who have a sense of sharing and community at their heart.  Their primary motivation is not money (although it’s necessary and useful),  their primary motivation is to do what they do well and with love (and sometimes some swearing – we’re human after all).

Janine’s Meditation courses and day retreats in SW London and St Leonards – Janine and I learned to teach meditation and mindfulness with the same teacher, Daizan roshi.

The Zenways Website – Daizan Roshi’s info for Zen Training and Teacher Training (in meditation and yoga) as well as the incredibly powerful 3 Day Zen Intensive Retreat – discover your True Nature….

My sister’s house and pet sitting business in Cheshire and the UK!  Come on holiday to Serenity Retreat and get my sister to house sit….

The Writing Kiln If you’re looking to unleash your inner author (we all have one!) then this is for you.  The Writing Kiln are a community project in Stoke on Trent supporting local people to start writing creatively.  They understand from the inside out what can get in the way of putting pen to paper and are passionate about inspiring others to reach their potential in creative writing.

Vitality Retreat  Not only is this an online haven of calm, Donna also offers therapies and runs retreats and workshops to help people live their most contented lives.  Lucky you if you live in Scotland!  She also sells Neal’s Yard products online, so the rest of us don’t have to miss out 🙂

Barefoot Creative Therapist  Kas is an Intuitive Artist sharing how Intuitive Art heals and helps us become our Truest Selves.  Now then, if these thoughts immediately pop up in your head:  ‘I can’t paint, I’m not creative, I can’t draw, I’m not arty’ then welcome to the truth of the matter – we’re all artists!  Every single last one of us.  Don’t take my word for it, though, Kas is an incredibly safe pair of hands and will take you through a process that may well ignite a new passion (it did for me) or at the very least be insightful, a bit messy and FUN!



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