What a shaman has to say about mental illness (click on the link to read the article from Spirit Science)

For a long time I have turned my nose up at pretty much anything to do with ‘energy’ or energy healers.  Last year that changed somewhat dramatically.

Once I wouldn’t even have bothered to read this article but now I notice myself having a friendly curiosity towards it…  An interesting read about how a shaman sees mentall illness and how it’s being wrongly treated (by medicine and society) in the West.

British Parliament Meditates…

The full story can be found here

There’s often suspicion when mindfulness is used in the corporate, military or political world.  But to my mind, anything that gives an individual the opportunity to see for themselves how they work, and to give them an insight into who they really are is great.  It’s by our own actions that things change and getting to know ourselves is the first step in changing our actions…..

Overcoming panic and anxiety

These 5 tips are just great. Great. Great. Great.   They may take practice and it may feel a bit crackers, but one of the best things that I ever did was to make friends with the bits of me that I didn’t like – the lonely bits, the paranoid bits, the depressed bits.  Rather than saying ‘that’s not really me’ which is what I DID used to say, I realised that all the bits are me.

Every single last one of them.

I realised that denying them was denying me and peace comes from acceptance.  Acceptance – right now, in THIS moment, regardless of the ‘clothing’ that it might be wearing.



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