About Kim and Serenity Retreat

IMG_20171101_113536744Hello!  I’m Kim and I founded Serenity Retreat in 2010.  The aim is to offer soul nourishment to solo travellers.  What does that mean?  Well, we’re all different so that will mean different things to different people – and that’s part of the point.  One size does not fit all, so we give you all sorts of options when you join us and you do what you will them.

All our rooms are for sole occupancy.  In Greece, the rooms are en-suite and range from basic to really quite fancy.  In the UK all retreats have the option of sole occupancy although ensuite bathrooms are available by venue.

I started the company because of my own sense of frustration regarding finding reasonably priced breaks for solo travellers who want solo accommodation, are happy being single and want peace, quiet and time for reflection rather than nursing a hangover!

I am a big fan of all things meditation and mindfulness, especially the demystifying of both.  There’s nothing ‘special’ about either.  We all do both, some of the time … just a question of building on what we naturally know.

This magazine-style blog is my way of sharing some ideas and insights as well as letting you know about businesses with a similar heartfelt intention and ethic.

We ‘get’ introverts, welcome extroverts and always have room for those in the middle 🙂

There are no single supplements (they drive us mad).

Our aim, at Serenity Retreat, is to give you space – you have all the answers, sometimes a little space is required to coax them out.

I hope you find something useful!


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