I wrote the following post some weeks ago.  Everything changes, all of the time 😉

Today I feel hopeless, low, sad, fed up, cross, irritated, bored.  And yet I just responded to an email enquiry and assumed a bright and breezy persona.  The challenge is acknowledging that both exist and that both exist at the same time.  It is completely within my power to morph into a bright and breezy person but it’s also a fact that there is an underlying heaviness going on.  I have a mad mixture of energy rushing round my body and I think the only kind thing to do is to not add to the heaviness by making it a thing.  ‘Oh look, I’m not being authentic’ – for example.

Of course I’m being authentic, but the reality is that I also have a business to run.  When I’m face to face with guests in Greece I will very happily tell people how I am when they ask me because that’s the point over there.  But equally there is another entirely valid world that requires me to play dress-up and so I do.

I am not being deceitful or devious, I am simply choosing the most appropriate response to a moment as and when it arises.

I can very easily make a stick out of ‘ought to’ and ‘should have’ and I realise that they are unnecessary, unkind and unhelpful.

I embrace my many-sided personality – it is merely decoration, it is nothing to do with who I truly am.  Who I truly am feels every aspect of every turn of personality and neither judges or commentates – it is the ultimate in allowing, forgiving and loving.  And when I relax into that, I can be in flow, regardless of whether my ‘personality’ is describing the current situation I find myself in as good or bad.

It is neither.  It just is 🙂


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  1. Totally love this. I said you should write! I have been trying to write something along these lines (yet not quite so accepting) for several weeks now. 🙂 xxx


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