I spotted this quote this morning from @mindfuleveryday: “As human beings we maybe spend 10% of our time thinking about things we really need to think about.” ~ Adyashanti
#mindfulness Becoming AWARE of that fact is a huge milestone. Have you listened to your thoughts today?  What percentage is:

Soap Opera (he said, then she said but next time I will say and then I will have WON and then I’ll be happy)

News (oh things are so awful, it’s all so dreadful, I will never be happy, what’s the point?)

Chick Flick (one day someone will come and rescue me from this, I just have to keep going until they arrive because THEN I’ll be happy)

Improbable Action Movie ( I will SAVE everyone and people will love me and THEN I’ll be happy)

Disney (everything always turns out with a happy ending  and this horrible thing that’s happening at the moment needs to be resisted because it’s not how I want things to be)

  • To what extent do we need to use thinking to just ‘BE’ in the world?
  • If you don’t catalogue/judge/name/compare the song of a bird or the colour of a flower, will it suddenly not exist?
  • How much relief would we have if you stopped comparing everything and melted into what is?

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