What is Zen?

I borrowed this from Will B Awake on Facebook – thanks Will…


Zen is concerned with things as they are, without trying to interpret them,

Zen is concerned with what actually is rather than than what we think or feel about it.

Zen points to something before thinking, before all your ideas.

Zen is to be completely alive.

Zen is sometimes called a religion and sometimes called a philosophy.
Choose whichever you prefer; it simply doesn’t matter.

Zen is big on intuitive understanding, on just ‘getting it’ and not so hot on philosophising.

Zen is not a philosophy or a religion.

Zen tries to free the mind from the slavery of words and the constriction of logic.

Zen in its essence is the art of seeing into the nature of one’s own being, and points the way from bondage to freedom.

Zen is Meditation ….

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